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Core Energy Efficiency Programs

As part of the Restructuring Act, RSA 374-F:3 X, the electric utilities in the State of New Hampshire have established a set of energy efficiency programs designed for statewide implementation in the service territories of the utilities regulated by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC). A variety of programs exist, serving both residential and commercial and industrial customers. They include programs for new construction, retrofitting existing structures, and rebate programs for selected lighting and appliances. In addition to the statewide programs, individual utilities run specific programs. Additional details on the core energy efficiency programs may be found by visiting NHSaves.com, the web site established by the utilities, or by calling the toll free number 1-866-266-2420.

Also see Natural Gas Energy Efficiency Programs

These programs, funded by the System Benefits Charge, were initially rolled out to customers beginning June 1, 2002. The programs are reviewed annually by the Commission. The utilities file periodic updates on the performance of the programs including program expenditures, resulting projected energy savings from implemented measures, and the number of customers served by the programs.


Proposed 2021-2023 Triennial Plan

2020 Update

2019 Annual Update Filing

2018-2020 EERS Plan

NH Core Energy Efficiency Reports


  • DE 14-216, 2017 CORE NH Electric and Gas Energy Efficiency Programs
  • DE 14-216, 2015-2016 CORE NH Electric and Gas Energy Efficiency Programs




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