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Primary Statutory Authority

RSA 38:1 Commission authority over certain municipal utility operation and disputes between municipalities and public utilities.
RSA 125-O:23 Commission authority over use of the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Fund.
RSA 362 General jurisdiction of public utilities - telephone, electric, heat, power, water and pipelines.
RSA 362-A Authority for the Commission to: set rates for the energy produced by limited energy producers, settle disputes, approve all contracts for retail sale, and order wheeling; prohibition against buyout of existing small power producers' rate orders.
RSA 362-C:1 Authority of the Commission to approve reorganization of PSNH and procedures for regulation of PSNH under the reorganization plan.
RSA 362-F Authority for Commission to implement New Hampshire’s Renewable Portfolio Standards for providers of electricity, including utilities and competitive suppliers, and authority over use of the Renewable Energy Fund.
RSA 363:1-21, 27 Enabling statute for the Commission, providing for appointment, removal, compensation, etc. of Commissioners, structure and composition of staff; authority for alternative forms of regulation; procedural and ethical guidelines for the operation of the Commission and authority to contract for power.
RSA 363:22- 23 Jurisdiction for the Commission to investigate interstate rates, fares, and charges and right to petition any federal government department for relief.
RSA 363:28-28-a Establishing the Office of Consumer Advocate and Residential Ratepayers Advisory Board.
RSA 363:30- 36 Procedures to designate advocacy and advisory staff and assess costs if necessary.
RSA 363-A Authority for the Commission to assess expenses of the Commission against certain utilities.
RSA 363-B Procedure for termination of certain utility service.
RSA 364 Jurisdiction of the Commission in certain circumstances to investigate the public need for a municipality to acquire an existing public utility, construct a public utility or expand an existing municipal utility and to determine the feasibility of such plans.
RSA 365:1-21, 23, 25-28, 34-44 Procedures governing complaints against public utilities; investigations of public utilities; proceedings before the Commission; fees and costs as well as penalties and other sanctions for noncompliance.

RSA 365:29-30

Authority of Commission to order reparations for up to two years of illegal or unjustly discriminatory rates.

RSA 365:38-a

Authority of Commission to allow recovery of costs associated with Commission proceedings, including authority to grant compensation to certain intervenors for cost of participation.

RSA 366 Authority of the Commission over the sale of utility securities to employees, over contracts between utilities and affiliates and over information disclosing interest in utilities and affiliates.
RSA 369 Commission authority over public utilities and their financings - sale of securities, mortgages, short-term debt, long-term debt, etc.

RSA 369-A

Standards for electric rate reduction financing, a significant component of electric industry restructuring.

RSA 369-B Detailed standards for electric rate reduction bonds, a component of electric industry restructuring, and terms under which PSNH may divest generation assets. 
RSA 370:1-9 Authority of the Commission regarding service equipment of public utilities, including the determination of units of service, standards for meter accuracy and related enforcement procedures.
RSA 371 Authority of the Commission over public utility condemnation proceedings, Commission approval authority for utility crossing over public waters and State-owned land. 

RSA 374

General regulations governing the Commission, including general supervision of public utilities, franchising requirements, and certain provisions specific to telecommunications services, including the mandate to ensure affordable basic telephone service, and authorization for electric service pilot program.

RSA 374:1-5, 7-19, 21-28, 30 General regulations governing the Commission, including general supervision of public utilities, procedures for utility's failure to perform duties; procedures for determining when competition in local exchange telephone service is in the public good; authorization for electric service pilot program; underground utility damage prevention system (Dig Safe).

RSA 374:3-a, RSA 374:3-b

Commission authority to use alternate forms of utility regulation, and regulatory standards for small incumbent local exchange providers.

RSA 374:48-56

Commission authority to administer the Underground Utility Damage Prevention System.

RSA 374-A Authority of the Commission over electric utilities participating in power facilities to be placed in service in New England.
RSA 374-B Authority of the Commission to approve issuance of municipal electric revenue bonds.
RSA 374-F Authority and procedures for the Commission to implement competition in retail electric service, restructuring principles, transition and default electric service, stranded costs, collection and uses of system benefits charge, registration for competitive electricity suppliers.

RSA 374-G

Commission authority to allow rate recovery for utility investments in distributed energy resources.

RSA 378

Authority of the Commission and procedures, including time limits, regarding public utility rates, fares, charges and prices; establishment of local calling areas and reduction in access charges; standards for special contracts for electric and telecommunications services; confidentiality provisions specific to telecommunications services; prohibition against construction work in progress in rates; requirement for electric utilities to file biennial least cost plans; and regulation of certain billing practices by utility companies.

RSA 378:43 Information Not Subject to Right-to-Know Law
RSA 541 Rehearings and Appeals in Certain Cases
RSA 674:30 Authority of the Commission to exempt structures used by a public utility from municipal regulation.




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