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The Public Utilities Commission regulates public utilities as defined in RSA 362:2 and their affiliates as defined in RSA 366:1, II. Typically, these are investor-owned electric, telephone, natural gas, water, sewer, and steam utilities. The Commission is the arbiter between the interests of these utilities and their customers. The regulatory process necessarily requires public hearings, audits of public utilities and other forms of inquiry and investigation to ensure that high quality service is provided by the utilities at rates that are just and reasonable for both the customer and the utility.

The Commission investigates issues ranging from existing or proposed rates, charges, and classifications, rules and regulations, financings and other utility regulatory matters to the acquisition of utility plant by municipalities. These may be the subject of informal investigations or formal hearings in which the Commissioners sit in a quasi-judicial capacity. There are certain issues that, by statute, require a hearing. Hearings before the Commission are open to the public and are transcribed by a court reporter. After a hearing is held, the Commissioners take the record that has been presented and deliberate a decision which is then written into an order. The three Commissioners decide by majority vote the matters that come before them. The decisions are announced at weekly deliberative meetings and the minutes of these meetings are posted to the Commission’s web site. Final orders are issued and are also posted to the Commission’s web site. Commission orders are appealable to the New Hampshire Supreme Court.

The Commission is also responsible for promulgating rules and regulations governing all utilities subject to its jurisdiction. The Commission has regulatory authority over safety standards and practices of all pipeline facilities for the transportation of gas within the State.


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