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Electronic Docket Filing

Notice: Effective June 10, 2006

Please be advised that Puc 203.02 Filing Requirements requires submission of seven (7) copies of both the cover letter and any associated material. In addition, Puc 203.03 Electronic Copies states that each paper document also be submitted in an electronic format. The Commission strongly urges that these electronic files be submitted in PDF (portable document format); they must mirror the submitted hardcopy in text and pagination and also be searchable.

Note that the Commission utilizes Microsoft Word 2010 and Excel 2010.

Click here to submit docket filing to executive.director@puc.nh.gov.


This link is for transmittal of electronic filings only. The Commission does not review or save email transmittal messages so please do not include substantive information about the filing in your email transmission.

Please note that this mailbox has an 8 mb limit per message and its associated attachments.

Puc 203.02 Filing Requirements.

(a) Except as provided in (b) below, for a filing to be effective in an adjudicative proceeding, a party shall:

(1) File one original and 6 paper copies of all documents with the commission, and, for material submitted with a motion under Puc 203.08, file one public copy and 7 confidential copies;
(2) File an electronic copy, as required by Puc 203.03, with the commission;
(3) Serve pursuant to Puc 203.11 an electronic copy on each person identified on the commission’s service list for that docket;
(4) Serve an electronic copy with the office of the consumer advocate; and
(5) Serve a written copy pursuant to Puc 203.11 on each person identified on the commission’s service list as not able to receive electronic mail.
(6) In adjudicative proceedings to which the office of the consumer advocate (OCA) is a party, filing parties shall also provide confidential materials to the OCA.

(b) Upon request of a person submitting a document and upon receipt of an extra copy of the document with the filing, the commission shall date stamp and return the copy as confirmation of the filing.

(c) Documents filed pursuant to this rule shall be printed double-sided on both sides of the documents’ paper sheets.

Puc 203.03 Electronic Copies.

(a) Each person filing a document shall, in addition to the paper filing required by Puc 203.02 or otherwise, electronically file each document, to the extent practicable, in an electronic file format compatible with the computer system of the commission.

(b) The commission shall maintain a list on its web site of the types of electronic file formats compatible with its computer system.

List of accceptable file formats

For all documents submitted, we should be able to read, search, copy,
and manipulate data.

For text:

Microsoft Office XP (2010) Word .doc  
Microsoft Office XP (2010) Excel .xls  
Microsoft Office XP (2010) PowerPoint .ppt  
Micosoft Visio Visio Diagram .vsd  
Adobe Acrobat (v9.0) Portable Document Format .pdf  
  Plain Text file .txt  
  Zipped files .zip  

For images: (pictures, charts, graphs)

Bitmap format Bitmap .bmp  
Graphic Interchange Format GIF .gif  
Joint Photographic Experts Group JPEG .jpg  
Tag Image File Format TIFF .tif  
Portable Network Graphics PNG .png  

Click here to submit docket filing to executive.director@puc.nh.gov.


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