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Chapter Latest Rev. Effec. Date Description
TOC 7/9/2015 Table of Contents
Puc 100 3/24/2012

Organizational Rules

Puc 200 3/18/2015 Rules of Practice and Procedure
Puc 300 5/22/2014 Rules for Electric Service
Puc 400 3/12/2014

Rules for Telephone Service

Puc 500


Rules for Gas Service

Puc 600 9/10/2013 Rules for Water Service
Puc 700 9/10/2013 Rules for Sewer Service
Puc 800 2/7/2017

Underground Utility Damage Prevention Program (DigSafe)

Puc 900

Net metering for Customer-Owned Renewable Energy Generation Resources of 1000 Kilowatt or Less

Puc 1100 4/9/2013 Rules for Steam Utilities
Puc 1200 9/16/2011 Rules for Uniform Administration of Customer Relations
Puc 1300 9/1/2018

Utility Pole Attachments

Puc 1400 5/22/2013

Rules for Pipeline Public Utilities

Puc 1600 3/4/2014 Tariffs & Special Contracts
- Appendix
- Appendix & Schedules 6 7 8
Puc 1800 8/8/2015 Rules for the Energy Conservation Code
Puc 1900 11/15/2013 Rate Case Expenses
Puc 2000 11/1/17

Competitive Electric Power Supplier and Aggregator Rules

Puc 2100 12/22/15 Affiliate Transactions Rules
Puc 2500 2/1/18 Electric Renewable Portfolio Standard
Puc 2600 12/9/2009

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Fund

Puc 3000 6/1/2019 Competitive Natural Gas Supplier and Aggregator Rules

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