Commission Actions Relative to COVID-19

All Commission hearings and public meetings will be held via web-enabled remote access until further notice.  To view scheduled hearings and public meetings and instructions for public access, please go to the Commission calendar.


On June 30, 2020, Governor Sununu issued Emergency Order 58, ending Emergency Order #3 effective July 15, 2020.



The Public Utilities Commission is available to assist customers of electric, gas and water utilities that are public utilities, customers of competitive electric providers, and customers of telephone providers. 


Questions regarding other services – deliverable fuels, municipal utility service, or cable, internet or VOIP services - should be directed to the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division at 603-271-3641 or by email at DOJ-CPB@doj.nh.gov


For information regarding the State of New Hampshire's actions relative to COVID-19:

NH Information on the Coronavirus Covid-19


Information About Your Utility Service and the Pandemic - FAQ


Q.           I have questions about my utility service and need help.  Who can help me? 

A.            You should always call your utility company first if you have a question about or problem with your utility service.

If you are not satisfied with help you get from your utility company, call the Public Utilities Commission or send us an email.  Our telephone number is (800)852-3793 (NH only) or 603-271-2431, and our email address is puc@puc.nh.gov .

Q.           If I cannot pay my utility bill in full each month, what should I do?

A.            If you are having difficulty paying your utility bill, call your utility company and ask for a payment arrangement.  Right now, you can set up a plan to repay your bill, which includes any balances owed, over a 12 month period.  If you are experiencing a financial hardship, you have as long as 24 months to repay your bill, including any balances owed. 

When you set up a plan to repay your bill, charges for late payments will be waived – as long as you pay the agreed to amount each month by the due date.

Q.           Can my utility service be disconnected during the pandemic?

A.            Without a plan to repay your bill, your utility service could be disconnected.  During the winter months, there is increased protection for customers of electric and natural gas utilities. While customers can still be disconnected if they fail to make payments on their gas or electric bills, it is more difficult to be disconnected in the winter time.

From November 15 to March 31, an electric or gas utility may not disconnect a customer’s service:

  • If the customer does not use electric service for heating and the balance owed for service provided is less than $225;
  • If the customer does not use gas service for heating and the balance owed for service provided is less than $125;
  • If the customer has electric or gas heat, the utility may not disconnect service if the balance owed for service provided is less than $450.

Q.           I need help paying my bill.  Where do I go? 


A.            The best place to start is with your town and your local community action agency. 


New Hampshire’s gas and electric utilities partnered with New Hampshire Legal Assistance on a webinar for utility customers about help paying utility bills.  Visit NHLA at https://www.nhla.org/blog/Theres-help-if-you-cant-pay-your-utility-bill-entry-120 to watch the webinar and learn more.



7/9/20   Public Hearing on Emergency Order 58
6/4/20   Commission Opens Investigation into Effects of COVID-19 on Utilities and Utility Customers
4/24/20   Governor Extends Timeframe for Commission Review of Rate Requests from 12 Months to 18 Months
4/15/20   Change to Residential Rebate Program Application Process
4/7/20   Change to C&I Solar Rebate Program Application Process and Postponement of Public Lottery
4/7/20   Temporary Change to Public Notice Requirement for Rate Changes
3/31/20   Commission Implementation of Emergency Order #3 for CEPS and CNGS
3/31/20   Commission Implementation of Emergency Order #3 for All Public Utilities and NHEC
3/23/20   Commission Temporarily Limits Public Access to Its Offices
3/20/20   March 24 and 25 Technical Sessions in DE 19-057 Cancelled
3/20/20   Commission Postpones Hearing in DW-17-165
3/19/20   Instructions for Electronic Filing for Telecom Forms
3/17/20   Commission Waives Paper Filing Requirements

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