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Telecom Forms

See Telephone Utilities FAQs for a summary of the use of the forms on this page.

If you experience any problems with these forms please contact us via email at

Telephone Utility Forms: to be filed as needed by all telephone utilities

      PDF MS Word
    T-1 Contact and Trade Name Information PDF MS Word
    T-2 Assessment Report PDF MS Word
    T-3 Utility Accident Report PDF MS Word
    T-4 Transfer of Customer Base Report PDF MS Word
    T-5 Facility Disruption Report PDF MS Word
    T-6 Payphone Location Report PDF MS Word
    T-7 Exchange Eligibility Report PDF MS Word
    T-8 Application for Registration to Provide Voice Service PDF MS Word
    T-9 Withdrawal as Authorized Telephone Utility in New Hampshire PDF MS Word


Telecommunications Carrier Form:  to be filed by telecommunications carriers seeking recognition by the Commission of their status

      PDF MS Word
    TC-1 Registration as a Telecommunications Carrier PDF MS Word
    TC-2 Withdrawal as Telecommunications Carrier PDF MS Word


VOIP Provider Assessment Report

      PDF MS Word

    VOIP Provider Assessment Report

    PDF MS Word


If you are filing electronically, here is a link to the Electronic Report Filing.