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2002 Sewer Orders

Order # Date Docket # Company Name Description
23,975 5/22/02 DW 02-025 Bodwell Waste Services Corp. Petition for Franchise Expansion - Order Granting Petition with Condition
23,971 5/10/02 DW 01-123 Resort Waste Services, Inc. Transfer of Control to MWH Preservation Limited Partnership - Order Approving Stipulation
23,918 2/8/02 DW 01-123 Resort Waste Services, Inc. Petition to Transfer Authority - Order Approving Procedural Schedule
23,900 1/17/02 DW 01-208 Bodwell Waste Services Corporation Petition for Approval of $45,000 Financing and Consolidation With Existing Long Term Financing - Order Nisi Approving $45,000 Financing and Authorizing a Consolidated $445,000 Term Loan With Certian Provisions

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