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Login Process

Before submitting reports electroncally to the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission (Commission), you must first register with the Commission (Please see How to Register as a New User for additional help).  As part of the Registration process, you will request a password for use in the Electronic Report Filing System (ERF).  After notification by the Commission of your activation in ERF, you must enter your email address along with your password in the appropriate fields on the Login screen.  The "Submit" button should then be clicked.  If you have entered your email address and password correctly, you will be redirected to the File Upload page.  If you see an "Invalid Login" error on this page, please try reentering your email address and password to make certain you did not enter one or both incorrectly.  If you previously registered but have forgotten your password, you can enter youer email address on the Login screen and click the "Forgot your Password?" button to request a temporary password be emailed to you (How to Request a Forgotten Password contains help related to this process).