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Residential Bulk-Fed Wood-Pellet Central Boilers and Furnace Rebate Program


The program provides a rebate payment of 40% of the system and installation cost, up to a maximum of $10,000, for New Hampshire residents who invest in high-efficiency (80% or greater), bulk-fuel fed, wood-pellet central heating boilers and furnaces installed on or after July 9, 2016. Standalone pellet stoves and fireplace inserts are not eligible for this rebate. In order to be eligible, the system must be a pellet boiler or furnace functioning as a central heating system. ;It also must have at least 3 tons of pellet storage and the pellets must be automatically fed from that storage to the furnace or boiler. For complete program details and eligibility requirements, please refer to the

Step 1 Pellet Rebate Application
below or contact the Sustainable Energy Division at ThermalRebates@energy.nh.gov.

Notarization Guidance During State of Emergency

Funding charts are an approximation of available funding and provided as a courtesy.
Charts do not represent a guarantee of funding availability which is subject to change.



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