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Thinking about installing solar at your home? 

The three videos below give a good overview of important items to consider as you think about installing solar:

  1. Video 1: Choosing A Solar Installer
  2. Video 2: Rooftop Solar Financing 101
  3. Video 3: Will Solar Save you Money

All videos have closed captioning available, please click on the button labeled “cc” in the lower right hand corner of the video screen to enable closed captions.

The guide below, published by the Clean Energy States Alliance (a national nonprofit coalition of public agencies and organizations working together to advance clean energy), may be a helpful resource when considering whether solar is right for you and the ownership and financing option best for you.

The Federal Trade Commission’s website also provides information for consumers thinking about solar for their homes. 

When considering a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) you may want to learn more about historical electric rates and trends.  Using the link below, you can find historical electric rate information for 2005 through 2019.  While this information is for Eversource, it may be helpful when evaluating escalation rates listed in a solar PPA even if Eversource is not your electric utility as it shows trends in electric rates over the past 14 years.

Learn more about Net Metering and how it works as well as how Solar Photovoltaic Rebates, and Group Net Metering may help make your project more affordable. 


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