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Overview of the NHPUC Electronic Report Filing System

The New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission (Commission) has traditionally required regulated industries to submit a variety of reports in printed format, including an original and seven copies.  In order to assure efficient agency operations and to avoid unnecessary burdens on the utilities it regulates, the Commission directed its staff during the summer of 2003 to conduct a review of all reports provided to the Commission.  Staff completed this review, in part, to determine whether certain reporting requirements should be eliminated because they were no longer useful or contained duplicate information provided in other reports.  In its review, the staff also identified which reports and forms could be filed electronically.  As part of Order No. 24,223, issued on October 24, 2003, the Commission found that the filing requirement order would be satisfied by filing one electronic copy and one paper copy with the Commission.

The Electronic Report Filing System (ERF) provides Commission stakeholders with a web based means of submitting these reports.  The process is relatively simple and is accessible from the Commission's Regulatory page.  It involves several steps, including:

Please note that, since the State of New Hampshire relies heavily on Microsoft technology, you must use version 5.1 or higher of Internet Explorer to effectively access the ERF system.