Welcome to the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission’s web site. The NHPUC is vested with general jurisdiction over electric, natural gas, water and sewer utilities as defined in RSA 362:2 for issues such as rates, quality of service, finance, accounting, and safety and with limited jurisdiction over telecommunications as defined in 362:7, 362:8, 363:22 and 365:1. It is the NHPUC’s mission to ensure that customers of regulated utilities receive safe, adequate and reliable service at just and reasonable rates. On this web site, you will find useful information on a wide range of issues whether you are a utility customer, a utility representative or an industry consultant.

The NHPUC is composed of three Commissioners appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Executive Council to staggered six year terms. A Chairman is named as the overall agency head. The senior administrator of the Commission is the Executive Director who oversees all administrative operations of the agency. The Commission is composed of the following: Legal Division, Administration Division, Consumer Services and External Affairs Division, Safety Division, Electric Division, Regulatory Innovation and Strategy Division (which oversees Telecommunications), Gas and Water Division, Audit Division and Sustainable Energy Division.

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