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NDFC 2000-1


Notice is hereby given that the Nuclear Decommissioning Financing
Committee ("NDFC"), established pursuant to RSA 162-F:15, shall, in
accordance with the provisions of RSA 162-F, and RSA 541-A, et seq., and
consistent with the NDFC's June 1999 Order in NDFC 98-1, open a
proceeding to receive testimony and information on the 2000 Seabrook
Station Decommissioning Update and to review the funding schedule for
the period following the year 2000. The NDFC shall hold a prehearing
conference in this proceeding commencing at 10:00 A.M. on Thursday, June
22, 2000, at the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission, 8 Old
Suncook Road, Concord, New Hampshire. On this date, Legal Counsel for
the Committee will act as a Hearing Officer for the purpose of taking
appearances from parties interested in participating in the hearing and
establishing a list of proposed issues to be addressed in the
proceeding, and a procedural schedule.
Thereafter, hearings will be held as established and duly noticed
by the NDFC. The purpose of the hearings shall be to take testimony
regarding the proposed plan for updating the Nuclear Decommissioning
Financing Fund for the Seabrook Station and the Schedule of Payments
into the Fund, in order for the Committee to establish the appropriate
payment schedule plan, as required by RSA 162-F:22, II (b) and RSA
162-F:21, IV.
North Atlantic Energy Service Corporation ("North Atlantic") shall
give notice of this hearing by causing a copy of this notice to be
published at least twice in a newspaper having general circulation in
that portion of the State in which operations are conducted and a
newspaper having state-wide circulation, the last such publication to be
not later than June 8, 2000. North Atlantic shall confirm publication
by affidavit to be made on a copy of this notice and filed with this
Committee on or before June 19, 2000.
North Atlantic shall also post a copy of this notice of the time
and place of the hearing at two appropriate places in Seabrook, New
Hampshire. Further, North Atlantic shall notify all parties on the
Service List of Docket No. 98-1, the Office of the Attorney General, the
Public Utilities Commission and the United States Nuclear Regulatory
Agency, and all Joint Owners, by sending a copy of this notice to each
of them.
Dated this 18th day of May, 2000.
Douglas L. Patch

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