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REScheck Software Tool

REScheck should be used only if your structure will not meet the code requirements laid out in the EC-1 form. NOTE: REScheck will not allow trade-offs for high efficiency heating systems.

If you wish to use the software approach to prove compliance of residential structures with the code you should download the latest version of REScheck Software. Click on Code on the toolbar and set to 2015 IECC.

Then set the State to New Hampshire and City to the municipality where the project is planned. For construction planned in Durham, set the City to “Concord”.

You MUST submit page 1 of the EC-1 form and simple building plans with a REScheck filing.

Alternative means for showing compliance:

Modular Homes

Even though the Modular Home you are planning to site
is included in the NH Modular Homes Program
you may need to demonstrate that the floor or basement
is in compliance with the energy code.

When a modular homes manufacturer is in the NH Modular Homes Program, it means that the company has already shown that the structure meets the energy code. As a result you are exempt from showing how the structure meets the code, but NOT EXEMPT from the energy code. Unless the floor insulation is provided by the manufacturer, the EC-1 form Residential Energy Code Application (EC-1 Form) must be submitted. This form must also be submitted if the basement is to be insulated or supplementary heated space is added to the home upon or after it is set.

If you need more information contact the NH Department of Safety http://www.nh.gov/safety/divisions/firesafety/index.html (603) 223.4289 to learn details.


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