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EAP Dockets

  • DE 96-150 Establishes statewide bill assistance program and further establishes working parameters for the administration of the state's low-income energy assistance program (EAP) for electric ratepayers on a post-restructuring basis. Also approves Energy Assistance Program and Establishing the Community Action Agencies as Program Administrator

  • DE 99-099 Approves restructuring of PSNH and requires customers to pay system benefits charge to fund certain programs including the Low-Income Electric Assistance Program.

  • DE 01-042 Approves interim low-income electric assistance program for PSNH.

  • DE 02-034 Approves statewide tiered discount program.

  • DE 03-195 Approves first year expenses for EAP and increases the income-eligibility threshold from 150% to 185% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines (FPG). Also revises pre-program arrears forgiveness benefit, authorizes payment of interest on the reserve fund, and changes to the appeal and recertification processes.

  • DE 04-198 Approves 2004-2005 program year budgets.

  • DE 05-124 Approves 2005-2006 program year budgets. Also approves modifications to the prioritization of the waiting list and modifications to transfers to utility specific program reserve.

  • DE 06-079 Approves change to EAP program design so as to serve 30,000 households and provide a range of discount levels based on goal of bringing average bill for low-income households to 4.5% of household income. Maintains the EAP portion of the SBC at 1.2 mills per kWh, approves the tier discount structure and use of FPG, rather than household income alone, to determine benefit level, and establishes a uniform discount level across all utilities. Also approves the 2006-2007 program year budgets.

  • DE 07-009 Approves changes recommended by Advisory Board to improve the efficiency of the administration and operation of the EAP and budgets for the 2007-2008 program year. Also approves revised monitoring and evaluation manual for the EAP.

  • DE 08-097 Approves the 2008-2009 program year budgets and increases the SBC from 1.2 mils per kWh to 1.5 mils per kWh.

  • DE 09-135 Approves the 2009-2010 program year budgets.

  • DE 10-192 Approves the 2010-2011 program year budgets. Modifies EAP to eliminate tier 1 discount level and implement a usage cap of 700 kWh/month. Additionally, approves an increase to the income eligibility threshold increased from 175% of FPG to 200% of FPG.

  • DE 11-168 Approves 2011-2012 program year budgets.

  • DE 12-241 Approves 2012-2013 program year budgets.

  • DE 13-180 Approves increasing in the EAP usage eligibility cap from 700 kWh to 750 kWh per month and a temporary two year increase of 10% to each of the program's discount tiers.

  • DE 13-212 Approves 2013-2014 program year budgets.

  • DE 14-078 Approves an increase to the income eligibility threshold from 175% to 200% of FPG and a further increase to three of the program's discount tiers. Restarts the two year period for the temporary increases approved in Order No. 25,544. Approves in May 2016, an across the board reduction in EAP discounts of 1%.

  • DE 14-205 Approves 2014-2015 program year budgets.

  • DE 14-337 One-time NHN and Project Care grants.

  • DE 15-297 Approves 2015-2016 program year budgets.

  • DE 16-777 Approves 2016-2017 program year budgets.

  • DE 17-122 Approves 2017-2018 program year budgets.

  • DE 18-057 Approves change to EAP program design to expand the EAP discount to the competitive energy supply portion of the bill when issued by the utility.


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