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Commercial & Industrial Bulk Fuel-Fed Wood Pellet Central Heating Systems


This program offers a rebate payment of 30% of the heating appliance(s) and installation cost, up to a maximum of $50,000, for investments in  non-residential bulk-fuel fed wood pellet boilers and furnaces of 2.5 million BTU or less, that become operational, serving designed intent and installer-certified on or after December 18, 2013.  Additionally, a rebate of 30% up to $5,000 is available for thermal storage tanks and related components. This program is open to businesses, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, governmental or municipal entities, or multi-family residences of 4 units or greater, that do not qualify for a rebate under the residential wood pellet rebate program.  For complete program details, please refer to the STEP 1:  REBATE PRE-APPROVAL APPLICATION form below or contact Barbara Bernstein,


Commercial & Industril Wood Pellet Boiler pie chart