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About Us

The Sustainable Energy Division was created in 2008 to assist the Commission in implementing specific state legislative initiatives promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency and to advance the goals of energy sustainability, affordability and security. The Division manages the State’s Renewable Energy Fund (REF), and administers the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) law.

The Division is also charged with managing the statewide energy code program for residential and commercial buildings, including reviewing applications for statewide energy code compliance for residential and commercial buildings. The Division also sets energy efficiency standards for certain appliances, such as water dispensers, commercial hot food holding cabinets and furnaces (in the event the state is not pre-empted by federal standards).


The Energy Efficiency & Sustainable Energy (EESE) Board was established pursuant to RSA 125-O:5-a to promote and coordinate energy efficiency, demand response, and sustainable energy programs in the state. The EESE Board is administratively attached to the Commission. The Commission’s Chairman or designee is a member of the Energy EESE Board. The Director of the Commission’s Sustainable Energy Division has been so designated.


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