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Emergency Preparedness and Emergency Response 

The Safety Division participates as a subject matter expert for the Energy and Communications Sector– two important sectors of the State's Emergency Operation Plan.  The Safety Division assists with revisions to the States Emergency Operation’s Plan and related annexes.  During statewide emergency in which the Emergency Operations Center is activated, representatives of the Safety Division collect and distribute emergency response activities of the affected utilities. 

Prior to activation, the Safety Division routinely participates in emergency exercises and drills conducted by New Hampshire Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HSEM), federal agencies and the majority of the required drills that electric and gas utilities conduct throughout the year.  Training sessions attended include Web Emergency Operations Center (EOC), Incident Command System and monthly Emergency Support Functions (ESF) meetings.  Familiarization with individual utility-specific emergency response plans allows for feedback regarding PUC expectations as well as allows for a more streamlined state response.

Often, post activation, the Safety Division prepares and publishes comprehensive After Action Reports for those incidents considered historical in nature and affecting large segments of the New Hampshire population.  Observations and Recommendations are provided to each utility and the PUC Commission.

The Safety Division participates in the Governor’s Advisory Council on Emergency Preparedness and maintains updated information on critical infrastructure and cyber security.



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