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811 Dig Safe

Construction season is upon us once again! In our continuing quest to promote Underground Damage Prevention, the Safety Division of the PUC instructs Homeowners, Professionals and Government Agencies to use the 811 DigSafe phone number. Not only is 811 easier to remember, it’s FREE. Remember – always call 811 before you dig – it’s the law!

The Governors of New Hampshire continually recognize the importance of underground damage prevention and proclaim each April as Safe Digging month. The current proclamation is available here.

Dig Safe Dial 811

April 2020
Dig Safe Month


APWA Uniform Color Code
for Marking Underground Utility Lines

APWA Uniform Color Code chart

*Note: Chapter Puc 800 806 Marking the Tolerance Zone Puc 806.02 Markers allows for pink to be used for dual purposes. Puc 806.02(g) states: Excavators shall use pink for premarking when snow conditions would render white premarking not clearly visible.



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