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2020 Water Orders

Order # Date Docket # Company Name Description
26,342 3/26/20 DW 19-198 Pennichuck East Utility, Inc.

Petition for License to Construct and Maintain a Water Main Under
and Across Locke Lake in the Town of Barnstead.  It is an Order Nisi Granting License.

26,340 3/26/20 DW 18-056 Lakes Region Water Company, Inc.  Investigation to Determine Rate Effects of Federal and State Corporate Tax Reductions.  It is an Order Directing Lakes Region Water Company, Inc. to Record Corporate Liabilities.
26,329 1/30/20 DW 19-177 Lakes Region water Company, Inc. – Dockham Shores Request for Changes in Rates, Order Suspending Proposed Tariffs and Scheduling Prehearing Conference

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