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2013 Sewer Orders

Order # Date Docket # Company Name Description
25,608 12/19/13 DW 13-305 Lorden Commons Sewer Company, LLC

Franchise and Permanent Rate Proceeding - Order Suspending Proposed Tariffs and Scheduling Prehearing Conference

25,600 11/27/13 DM 13-252 All Utilities

Objections to Public Utility Assessments - Order Addressing Petitions to Intervene and Adopting Procedural Schedule

25,583 10/18/13 DW 13-171 Eastman Sewer Company, Inc.

Joint Petition for Approval of Sale to Village District of Eastman and
Exemption from Further Regulation - Order Denying Expedited Motion to Reconsider the Procedural Schedule
and to Limit Intervention

25,563 8/7/13 DW 12-346 Bedford Waste Services Corporation

Petition for Financing - Order Approving Financing

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