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2013 Misc. Orders

Order #
Docket #
Company Name
25,605 12/18/13 DE 13-298  

Renewable Energy Incentive Program For Commercial And Industrial Bulk Fuel-Fed Wood Pellet Central Heating Systems - Order Initiating Program and Approving Application

25,600 11/27/13 DM 13-252 All Utilities

Objections to Public Utility Assessments - Order Addressing Petitions to Intervene and Adopting Procedural Schedule

25,512 5/16/13 DM 11-075 PNE Energy Supply, LLC

Registration as a Competitive Electric Supplier - Order Granting Motion for Confidential Treatment

25,451 1/7/13 DM 12-276 Northern New England Telephone Operations LLC and Enhanced Communications of Northern New England, Inc.

Objection to Public Utility Assessment - Prehearing Conference Order

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