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Energy Efficiency Programs

New Hampshire’s natural gas utilities offered energy efficiency programs from 1993 through 1999.  Those programs were suspended following restructuring of the gas industry and the development of statewide energy efficiency programs by the electric industry.

On January 1, 2003, the natural gas utilities again began offering energy efficiency programs for New Hampshire customers. The programs are designed to increase customer awareness of the benefits of energy efficiency products, services and practices, induce lasting market changes, and realize energy efficiency savings that might not occur without the programs.  Since 2010, natural gas energy efficiency program review, approval and reporting has been addressed as part of the Electric Core Energy Efficiency proceedings, now the Energy Efficiency Resource Standards (EERS). 

Programs common to both Unitil/Northern and Liberty/EnergyNorth (formerly National Grid NH) include audit and weatherization services, high efficiency heating and water heating equipment, Energy Star Homes, and a residential Conservation Services Program. Each utility also offers low income efficiency programs as well as utility specific programs. To learn more about the program offerings and requirements, please contact your utility or visit their website.

Monitoring and Evaluation Reports

The gas and electric utilities file periodic updates on the performance of the programs including program expenditures, resulting projected energy savings from implemented measures, and the number of customers served by the programs in the EERS, formerly the Core Energy Efficiency Program, dockets.  Gas and electric reports were combined in 2010 and can be found at:

Energy Efficiency Resource Standard.


For details of the natural gas energy efficiency programs filed with the Commission prior to 2010, including orders and results, see below:

Gas Utilities Energy Efficiency Orders & Reports  

Order No. Date Docket No. Company Description
24,995 7/31/09 DG 09-049 National Grid NH Energy Efficiency Order
24,968 5/21/09 DG 09-053 Unitil/Northern Utilities Energy Efficiency Order
24,636 6/8/06 DG 06-032 National Grid NH DSM - Market Transformation Plan


Order No. Date Docket No. Company Description
24,630 6/8/06 DG 06-036 Unitil/Northern Utilities Energy Efficiency Order


Order No. Date Docket No. Company Description
24,109 12/31/02 DG 02-106 National Grid NH and Unitil/Northern Utilities Energy Efficiency Order


Liberty Utilities/EnergyNorth (formly National Grid NH)




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