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Suppliers and Aggregators

Competitive energy suppliers must register with the Public Utilities Commission before selling electricity to customers in New Hampshire. Below are links to the competitive energy suppliers who have registered with the Commission.

Each supplier has indicated the customer groups it intends to serve and the utility areas where it intends to conduct business.  The information in the tables below is based on representations made by the supplier.  It may take some time before a supplier begins actively marketing to those intended customer groups and utility areas.  You should visit the suppliers’ websites or contact them by phone for the most up-to-date information.

While the Commission has established some consumer protection requirements that competitive energy suppliers must follow, the prices offered by these suppliers are not regulated by the Commission.

Registration with the Commission is not an endorsement by the Commission of a competitive energy supplier. If you are considering choosing a competitive energy supplier, do some research on the options available before making a decision.


The following suppliers and aggregators are registered to market electricity in the state. These lists are now being maintained by the New Hampshire Deparrtment of Energy, and the following links will take you to those supplier lists:


Click here for information on becoming a Supplier or Aggregator.




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