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A webpage that provides electric customers with one location to easily compare the products and prices offered by competitive energy suppliers is now available.  Using the new comparison shopping webpage, you can select what type of customer you are (residential or small commercial), and then select your local distribution utility (Eversource, Liberty Utilities, NH Electric Cooperative, or Unitil).  Based on those selections, you can then easily scroll through the various products and prices offered by competitive energy suppliers and determine which offer would best meet your needs.

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Compare Competitive Electric Rates

Questions about how to choose a competitive energy supplier?  See our frequently asked questions.  If you currently receive an Electric Assistance Program (EAP) discount and you switch to a competitive supplier, you will lose the EAP discount on the energy supply portion of the bill.  The amount you save by choosing a competitive energy supplier may be offset by the partial loss of the EAP discount.  Look carefully at your bill to determine what the savings will be and whether those savings will make up for the loss of the discount on the energy portion of your bill before making a change. 



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