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The Telecommunications Division assists the Commission in regulating the $800M telecommunications industry in New Hampshire. Registered public utilities include incumbent local exchange carriers (10 ILECs, including FairPoint), approximately 108 active competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs) and approximately 213 competitive toll providers (CTPs). The Commission does not regulate cable television, wireless/cellular, out-of-state long distance or internet service providers.

The Division keeps the Commission abreast of all the regulatory requirements and technological advances that are part of this constantly changing segment of the public utility field. Calling upon a variety of academic disciplines, the Division works to enable fair competition among multiple carriers to produce ubiquitous availability of high quality telecommunications services to New Hampshire citizens at reasonable rates.

The Division achieves its goal through full and public airing of the views of ratepayers and carriers, which includes alternative dispute resolution as well as formal adjudication. The Division also provides the Commission with administrative expertise for increasing the efficient disposition of telecommunications cases.