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Interconnection Agreements

Company Name

With... Company Name

  • Interconnection Agreements
    • Amendments

Cellco Partnership d/b/a Verizon Wireless

Dunbarton Telephone
f/k/a Verizon
AT&T Wireless Services, Inc
f/k/a Verizon
FairPoint Com Tech 21 LLC
f/k/a Verizon
Comcast Phone of New Hampshire LLC
f/k/a Verizon
Level 3
f/k/a Verizon
MetroPCS Massachusetts , LLC
f/k/a Verizon
Neutral Tandem-New Hampshire, LLC
f/k/a NYNEX
f/k/a Verizon
NEXTEL Communications of the Mid-Atlantic, Inc
FairPoint Northeast Wireless Networks. LLC ("NEWN")
FairPoint RCC Atlantic Inc. d/b/a Verizon Wireless
For New Hampshire

f/k/a NYNEX
f/k/a Verizon

Sprint Spectrum, LP
f/k/a Verizon
f/k/a Bell Atlantic
T-Mobile Northeast LLC f/k/a Omnipoint Communications
FairPoint TDS MetroCom, LLC
f/k/a NYNEX
United States Cellular Corp.
Granite State Telephone, Inc. New Cingular Wireless PCS, LLC dba AT&T Mobility
Granite State Telephone, Inc. Sprint Spectrum, LP, NEXTEL Communications of the Mid-Atlantic, Inc., NPCR, Inc.
Granite State Telephone, Inc. T-Mobile Northeast LLC fka T-Mobile USA (formerly OmniPoint Communications)
Granite State Telephone, Inc. US Cellular Corp
Granite State Telephone, Inc. Verizon Wireless
Northland Telephone Co. of Maine, Inc. d/b/a FairPoint Communications Northland Telephone Co. of Maine and CRC Communications of Maine, Inc. d/b/a Pine Tree Networks
Northland Telephone dba FairPoint Communications

Time Warner

TDS Cingular

TDS Companies

Comcast Phone of NH, LLC

TDS Telecom Enhanced Communication of Northern New England LLC ("FAIRPOINT")
TDS Telecom Freedom Ring Communications, LLC dba BayRing Communications
TDS Telecom Hollis Telephone Company and Charter Fiberlink NH-CCO, LLC
TDS Telecom

Hollis Telephone Company/Wilton Telephone Company and Charter Fiberlink NH-CCO, LLC

TDS Telecom SegTEL Inc
d/b/a Lightship Fiber
TDS Sprint Spectrum LP
TDS Sprint Spectrum LP
TDS T-Mobile USA, Inc.


U.S. Cellular
Union IDT
Verizon ACC
Verizon Access Point, Inc.
Verizon ACN
Verizon Adelphia
Verizon Airespring, Inc.
Verizon AT&T Broadband Phone of New Hampshire . LLC
Verizon AT&T Communications of New England, Inc.
Verizon CLEC, LLC
Verizon Broadview NP Acquistion Corp.
Verizon Broadview Networks, Inc.
Verizon Brooks Fiber
Verizon C & W Communications LLC
Verizon Cingular
Verizon Choice One Communications of New Hampshire Inc.
Verizon Close Call
Verizon Comcast - Cellco Partnership d/b/a Verizon Wireless
Verizon CommPartners
Verizon Conversent Communications of New Hampshire LLC
Verizon Covista
Verizon Crossroads Wireless Holding, LLC
Verizon CTC Communications Corp
Verizon DIECA Communications Inc. d/b/a Covad Communications Company
Verizon Ernest
Verizon Eureka
Verizon France Telecom Corporate Solutions, LLC
Verizon Freedom Ring Communications, LLC, d/b/a BayRing Communications
Verizon Global Naps
Verizon Hyperion (Adelphia)
Verizon IDT America, Corp.
Verizon Lightship Telecom LLC
Verizon MCImetro Access Transmission Services LLC and New England Fiber Communications LLC
Verizon Metropolitan Telecommunications of New Hampshire , Inc. d/b/a/ MetTel
Verizon New Horizons
Verizon OnFiber Carrier Service
Verizon RNK Inc.
Verizon SBC Long Distance d/b/a AT&T Long Distance
Verizon Sprint Communications
Verizon Sprint PCS
Verizon Syniverse Technologies Inc.
Verizon TCG New Hampshire Inc.
Verizon Time Warner Cable Information Services ( New Hampshire ), LLC
Verizon Trans National
Verizon United Systems Access, Inc.
Verizon XO Communications Services Inc.
Verizon Ymax Communications Corp.
Verizon Wireless Bretton Woods Telephone Company, Inc.