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Renewable Energy Rebates

AS OF August 29, 2018

The Commission has approved the Fiscal Year 2019 Renewable Energy Fund program budget. The Commission has also approved reopening the REF programs, and the application acceptance and processing procedures outlined below:

  • Prior to allocating funds to new program applications, and based on the applicant’s waitlist queue position, allocate funding to current waitlisted applications provided the application meets program terms and conditions.

  • Schedule and conduct a public lottery for each program’s new applications to determine initial queue positions. The schedule is presented below. Please note, there are different submission deadlines and lotteries for pellet and solar programs.

Program Lottery Schedule


Due Date *

Lottery Date/Time

Residential Solar & Wind Rebates

September 17, 2018

September 24, 2018
At 1 PM
Hearing Room B

Residential Solar Thermal Rebates

C&I Solar Rebates


*Applications received after the “Application Due Date” will be placed in the program queue on a first come, first served basis after all applications sequenced through the lottery process.

Please access the program specific webpage for applicable program applications.

For further information, please review staff’s recommendation memorandum and the Commission’s secretarial letter for more information.

10-212 2018-08-23 Staff Request Approval FY 2019 Funds
Secretarial Letter Issued Fiscal Year 2019 Renewable Energy Fund


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