DT 99-037
                         Bell Atlantic
           Special Contract with Easter Seal Society
      Order Denying the Special Contract without Prejudice
                    O R D E R   N O.  23,174
                         March 25, 1999
       On December 22, 1998, Bell Atlantic - New Hampshire
     (BA-NH) filed with the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission
     (Commission) pursuant to RSA 378:18, a petition seeking approval
     for a Centrex Special Contract with the Easter Seal Society . 
     See Docket No. DR 98-222.  The proposed Special Contract would
     provide Centrex line systems comprised of Analog and Integrated
     Services Digital Network (ISDN) lines.  Along with the Special
     Contract, BA-NH filed contract overviews and cost study details
     in support of the filing. BA-NH's cost study avers that the
     Special Contracts' proposed rates exceed the incremental costs of
     the services being provided, pursuant to the requirements of RSA
       On January 21, 1999, the Commission issued Order No.
     23,109 denying without prejudice the request for approval. On
     February 26, 1999, Bell Atlantic filed a letter requesting that
     the Commission reconsider its treatment of the Easter Seal
     Society contract and a limited number of additional contracts.
     Along with the letter, Bell Atlantic refiled the cost study
     details that were filed with the original December 22, 1998
       Staff's review of the proposed Special Contract raised
     questions as to whether the proposed rates meet the requirement
     of RSA 378:18-b.  The questions arise in the context of the
     current evolution of the telecommunications industry to a
     competitive industry after passage of the Telecommunications Act
     of 1996 (TAct).  BA-NH's filing follows the incremental cost
     calculation methodology which was heretofore accepted as
     adequate.  However, as required by the Federal Communications
     Commission (FCC) in implementing the TAct, the Commission must
     employ a Total Element Long Run Incremental Cost (TELRIC)
     methodology for calculating the costs of unbundled network
     elements (UNEs) that BA-NH offers for sale to Competitive Local
     Exchange Carriers (CLECs).  When the rates under this contract
     are compared to the TELRIC prices that Bell Atlantic has sought
     our approval of in docket DE 97-171, it is not clear that the
     requirements of RSA 378:18-b have been met.  Furthermore, there
     are outstanding concerns that approval of this special contract
     at the proposed rates will have the effect of being
     anti-competitive and subsidized by other captive ratepayers.
     Accordingly, we believe it is appropriate to move ahead with
     Docket DT 99-018 to explore the issues raised by Bell Atlantic's
     employment of an incremental cost methodology for purposes of
     meeting its obligation under RSA 378:18-b and using another
     methodology for setting wholesale prices charged to competitors.
       Bell Atlantic refiled the original cost study details
     which Staff raised concerns about in DR 98-221.  Nothing in the
     current request persuades us to reconsider Order No. 23,109 at
     this time.  Therefore, we will deny the request to reconsider
     approval of this contract.  Bell Atlantic may refile the petition
     after resolution of docket DT 99-018, our investigation into the
     questions outlined above.
       Based upon the foregoing, it is hereby 
       ORDERED, that Bell Atlantic's petition for approval of
     the Special Contract is hereby DENIED without prejudice.
       By order of the Public Utilities Commission of New
     Hampshire this twenty-fifth day of March, 1999.
           Douglas L. Patch       Susan S. Geiger     Nancy Brockway
               Chairman           Commissioner          Commissioner
     Attested by:
     Thomas B. Getz
     Executive Director and Secretary