DR 98-129 ENERGYNORTH NATURAL GAS, INC. 1998/1999 Demand-Side Management Program Order Approving Procedural Schedule O R D E R N O. 23,020 September 21, 1998
APPEARANCES: McLane, Graf, Raulerson & Middleton by Steven V. Camerino, Esq. for EnergyNorth Natural Gas, Inc. and Michelle A. Caraway for the Staff of the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission. I. PROCEDURAL HISTORY On July 14, 1998, EnergyNorth Natural Gas, Inc. (ENGI) filed with the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission (Commission) its 1998/1999 Demand-Side Management (DSM) Program proposal. For residential and small commercial customers, ENGI proposes to continue to offer rebates for high efficiency heating systems and to eliminate other conservation measures because of the high overhead costs associated with administering those measures. For large commercial and industrial customers, ENGI proposes to continue to offer energy audits and rebates on setback thermostats. The surcharges associated with ENGI's DSM Program are $0.0063 per therm for domestic heating customers and $0.0000 per therm for commercial general and heating customers and industrial general customers. By an Order of Notice issued August 25, 1998, the Commission scheduled a Prehearing Conference for September 11, 1998, set deadlines for intervention requests and objections thereto, and outlined a proposed procedural schedule. No party filed for intervention. The Office of the Consumer Advocate (OCA) is a statutorily recognized intervenor. At the Prehearing Conference, ENGI and Staff agreed to modify the procedural schedule as outlined in the Order of Notice. The revised procedural schedule is as follows: Data Requests by Staff and September 14, 1998 Intervenors Company Data Responses September 17, 1998 Technical Session September 21, 1998 Testimony by Staff and September 24, 1998 Intervenors Settlement Conference September 30, 1998 Hearing October 6, 1998. Also at the Prehearing Conference, ENGI and Staff stated their positions with regard to the filing for the record. ENGI stated that it made its filing in accordance with Commission Order No. 22,635 (July 1, 1997) and Order No. 22,731 (September 23, 1997). These orders required ENGI to file, on or before July 15, 1998, a single DSM Program to be effective October 1, 1998 through September 30, 1999 encompassing ENGI's residential, commercial and industrial customers. ENGI stated that the filing is currently being reviewed by Staff and that it did not expect any major issues to be raised. Staff stated that its preliminary issues related to ENGI's proposal to eliminate certain residential conservation measures, the prospect of continued DSM for natural gas utilities, and whether ENGI is entitled to collect lost net revenues associated with conservation measures installed for new accounts. II. COMMISSION ANALYSIS We find the proposed procedural schedule to be reasonable and will, therefore, approve it for the duration of the proceeding. Based upon the foregoing, it is hereby ORDERED, that the procedural schedule delineated above is APPROVED. By order of the Public Utilities Commission of New Hampshire this twenty-first day of September, 1998. Douglas L. Patch Bruce B. Ellsworth Susan S. Geiger Chairman Commissioner Commissioner Attested by: Thomas B. Getz Executive Director and Secretary