DE 98-102
                              TEL-SAVE, INC.
                     Complaint and Request For Relief
                    Order Setting Procedural Schedule 
                          O R D E R  N O.  22,972
                               July 6, 1998
         On June 15, 1998, Tel-Save, Inc. (TSI) filed with
     the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission (Commission) a
     complaint and request for relief against Bell Atlantic for
     violation of sections 201(b) and 202 of the Communications
     Act of 1934 as amended by the Telecommunications Act of
     1996, and for violation of RSA 374:1. 
         TSI alleges that Bell Atlantic does not permit
     end-user customers to lift PIC freezes by means of e-mail,
     whether transmitted directly by the customer or forwarded by
     TSI.  TSI states that Bell Atlantic's refusal to accept
     e-mailed requests to lift PIC freezes unreasonably delays,
     impedes and often thwarts the customer's attempt to switch
     carriers.  By contrast, TSI indicates that Bell Atlantic
     does accept PIC changes by e-mail in cases where the
     customer has not frozen the PIC.
          TSI requests that the Commission order Bell
     Atlantic to  accept e-mailed requests to lift PIC freezes,
     both directly from
     end-user customers and as forwarded by TSI and to provide
     any other relief the Commission finds appropriate.
          On June 29, 1998, Bell Atlantic filed with the
     Commission a response to the TSI complaint stating that Bell
     Atlantic is giving serious consideration to both e-mail and
     other methods of accepting PIC freeze removal requests from
     end user customers.  Bell Atlantic further states that it
     must be completely satisfied that customers remain protected
     against slamming by ensuring that e-mails are valid. 
     Additionally, Bell Atlantic recommends waiting for the
     forthcoming Order in FCC Docket 94-129, which is likely to
     address the issue of Interstate PIC freezes and should be
     considered for consistency with the Intrastate policy. 
          Staff recommends a procedural schedule providing
     for written position papers, rather than a protracted
     proceeding with 
     testimony, discovery and hearing, unless any party in
     interest specifically requests a hearing.  Staff proposes
     the following schedule:
          Requests For Intervention          July 24, 1998
          Prehearing Conf./Tech Session      July 27, 1998
               at 10:00 AM
          Response to TSI Filing             August 7, 1998
            By Parties and Staff
          Rebuttal Testimony                 August 21, 1998
          Hearing, if Necessary,             September 3,
                 at 10:00 AM
          We have reviewed the Staff Proposal and find the 
     procedure and schedule to be reasonable.   
          Based upon the foregoing, it is hereby
          ORDERED, that the procedural schedule set forth
     above is APPROVED; and it is
          FURTHER ORDERED, that Bell Atlantic shall cause a
     copy of this order to be published once in a statewide
     newspaper of general circulation, such publication to be no
     later than 
     July 13, 1998 and to be documented by affidavit filed with
     this office on or before July 27, 1998 and it is
          FURTHER ORDERED, that any party desiring to
     participate in this proceeding should file a motion to
     intervene by July 24, 1998 and that objections to
     intervention should be filed by 
     July 27, 1998; and it is
          FURTHER ORDERED, that any party who desires a
     hearing before the Commission on this issue file a written
     request on or before August 21, 1998.
          By order of the Public Utilities Commission of New
     Hampshire this sixth day of July, 1998.
       Douglas L. Patch    Bruce B. Ellsworth   Susan S. Geiger
           Chairman           Commissioner       Commissioner
     Attested by:
     Thomas B. Getz
     Executive Director and Secretary