DR 98-108

                     Petition to Provide Temporary Service

                      Order Approving Temporary Service 

                     O R D E R  N O.  22,957 
                                June 22, 1998

          On June 17, 1998, New England Telephone and Telegraph
Company (Bell Atlantic) filed with the New Hampshire Public
Utilities Commission (Commission) a request for approval to
provide temporary Flexpath service at the price of Primary Rate
ISDN (PRI) service to BC&BS.
          The filing states that Blue Cross & Blue Shield of New
Hampshire (BC&BS) recently acquired Matthew Thornton Health Plan
which generated a need for two PRI circuits provided on an
expedited basis with a June 27, 1998 service date at their
Manchester location.  According to Bell Atlantic this will allow
BC&BS to provide uninterrupted service to their increased
customer base.  Bell Atlantic states that it cannot provide the
PRI service by the requested date as capacity in Manchester will
not be available until late July.  Bell Atlantic therefore
requests approval to provide interim Flexpath service at the PRI
tariff rate until PRI capacity is available.  Flexpath
electronics exist in the Manchester Central Office and are fully
reusable after the temporary provision of service to BC&BS. 
Furthermore, Flexpath circuit packs utilized temporarily at the
BC&BS location are also fully reusable. Thus excess costs for the
service will be limited to technician labor and administrative
     Staff has reviewed the filing and believes it is likely that
all Flexpath materials used in providing temporary service are
reusable and that temporary labor costs would be recovered in the
going forward revenue stream for the permanent PRI service. 
Staff points out that Competitive Local Exchange Carriers can
provide alternative service, therefore allowing Bell Atlantic
flexibility in this case is reasonable.  Staff recommends thatthe Commission approve this temporary service request.
          We have reviewed the petition and the Staff
recommendation and find the proposed temporary service to be in
the public interest.  
          Based upon the foregoing, it is hereby
          ORDERED, that the Bell Atlantic request for temporary
Flexpath service at PRI tariff pricing is approved for a period
not to extend beyond August 14, 1998.

          By order of the Public Utilities Commission of New
Hampshire this twenty-second day of June, 1998.

 Douglas L. Patch     Bruce B. Ellsworth       Susan S. Geiger
     Chairman          Commissioner              Commissioner

Attested by:

Claire D. DiCicco
Assistant Secretary