DR 98-064
                      Public Service of New Hampshire
                      Nuclear Decommissioning Charge
            Order NISI Approving Nuclear Decommissioning Charge
                         O R D E R   N O.  22,929
                               May 13, 1998

         On May 1, 1998, the Petitioner, Public Service of New
Hampshire (PSNH), filed a technical statement and attachments
supporting its calculation of the Nuclear Decommissioning Charge
(NDC)and its calculation of the base level charge and above base
level charge subcomponents for the period June 1, 1998 through
May 31, 1999.  The filing reflects the nuclear decommissioning
funding schedule based upon the Nuclear Decommissioning Finance
Committee's (NDFC) Report and Fourth Supplemental Order in Docket
NDFC 93-1 dated November 21, 1995 and approved by the NDFC on
November 6, 1997.  PSNH calculates the NDC to be $0.00066 per
kilowatt hour, with the amount above base level assumptions to be
$0.00037 per kilowatt hour.  The base level assumptions are
contained in the Rate Agreement and Docket DR 89-244.
         The above base charge requested is the same as the
above base charge currently in effect; therefore, PSNH is
requesting no change to its energy charges.  The $0.00066
decommissioning charge costs the typical residential customer,
who consumes 500 kWh per month, $0.33 per month.  It is noted
     that Docket NDFC 98-1 is currently an ongoing proceeding which
     will review, among other things, the appropriate nuclear
     decommissioning funding level.  The findings from this proceeding
     will be utilized to calculated PSNH's decommissioning charge
     starting June 1, 1999.
         Commission Staff has reviewed the decommissioning
     calculations and agrees that continuing the $0.00037 above base
     charge is appropriate. We have reviewed the filing and find that
     the charge is consistent with the provisions of RSA 162-F:19,
         Based upon the foregoing, it is hereby 
         ORDERED NISI, that the current above base nuclear
     decommissioning charge of $0.00037 per kilowatt hour remain in
     effect for the period June 1, 1998 through May 31, 1999, and it
         FURTHER ORDERED, that pursuant to N.H. Admin. Rules,
     Puc 1604.03 or Puc 1605.03, the Petitioner shall cause a copy of
     this Order Nisi to be published once in a statewide newspaper of
     general circulation or of circulation in those portions of the
     state where operations are conducted, such publication to be no
     later than May 20, 1998 and to be documented by affidavit filed
     with this office on or before May 27, 1998; and it is
         FURTHER ORDERED, that all persons interested in
     responding to this petition be notified that they may submit
     their comments or file a written request for a hearing on this
     matter before the Commission no later than June 3, 1998; and it
         FURTHER ORDERED, that any party interested in
     responding to such comments or request for hearing shall do so no
     later than June 10, 1998; and it is
         FURTHER ORDERED, that this Order Nisi shall be
     effective June 12, 1998, unless the Commission provides otherwise
     in a supplemental order issued prior to the effective date; and
     it is
         FURTHER ORDERED, that the Petitioner shall file a
     compliance tariff with the Commission on or before June 12, 1998,
     in accordance with N.H. Admin. Rules, Puc 1603.02(b).
         By order of the Public Utilities Commission of New
     Hampshire this thirteenth day of May, 1998.
        Douglas L. Patch    Bruce B. Ellsworth        Susan S. Geiger
            Chairman           Commissioner            Commissioner
     Attested by:
     Thomas B. Getz
     Executive Director and Secretary